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planning and coordination

Changing one’s place of residence can be stressful, especially if it involves moving abroad. We know something about this as we have experienced it more than once ourselves. This is why we work so hard to understand the specific needs and concerns of the family or individual who is about to move. The process always begins with a meeting during which our adviser discusses all the important issues, explains the complexities involved, and helps plan everything so that the relocation can be completed without stress and within the specified amount of time. Throughout our many years of moving people we have encountered many unusual situations and are prepared for anything. We encourage our customers to bring up any concerns or questions they may have, no matter how big or how small, as we are confident that will find a solution that will work for them. Our adviser will address all of your concerns and will work hard to meet your expectations.


Once everything is agreed―the range of services, prices, and the schedule―the moving day comes and it is time to pack! This service is provided by experienced teams who oversee the entire process. A wide range of boxes and packing materials ensure safe journey for even the most fragile and unusually shaped objects. If necessary, we provide additional protection in the form of custom made cases. We also disassemble furniture, if needed, secure it for moving, and prepare it for re-assembly. Once everything is packed and ready to move you will receive an inventory of your items.

Depending on the method of transport, all items are then placed in a truck, a shipping container, or in our warehouse for air shipment.


We help select the optimum means of transportation for your items. Everything depends on the size, the distance, and the agreed upon arrival date. We provide the following modes of transportation:

Road Transport― Recommended for national and international moves within Europe. We have a specialized fleet at our disposal and have partnerships with a network of reliable transportation companies.

Ship Transport― Used primarily for intercontinental relocations. Depending on the quantity of transported items we provide our customers with a freight container or a smaller wooden box modified for extra security.

Air Transport― Recommended for when our customer is pressed for time and there are only a few items needing to be moved.

We take care of everything. Our clients need not worry about customs clearance, collecting their belongings from the harbor or airport, or even getting to their new home―Reloplanet takes care of it all!

delivery of items

If you are moving to a country outside the European Union, export/import documentation is required. Reloplanet helps prepare all the necessary export and import documents. At the scheduled time your items will be delivered and unpacked inside your new home. We also properly dispose of all the used packaging material.


We offer comprehensive insurance options for all our clients. No two moves are the same and therefore no two insurance policies should be either. We tailor your insurance policy to your needs. You can discuss the various options available with your adviser.

Reloplanet – relocation and moving – one company, full range of services!

employees need to feel at home in the new place in order to be fully productive.

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