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Changing one’s country of residence creates considerable stress not only for employees but also for their families. It is also a challenge for a company that posts its staff abroad- employees need to feel at home in the new place in order to be fully productive.

A family relocation also involves a lot of legal paperwork that will need to be dealt with. Reloplanet will help with all these issues in order to make the move go as smoothly as possible. We will take care of everything from legal documentation to looking for a house, good schools for children, a health care provider, a reliable handyman, and even a babysitter. Each customer, depending on their needs, receives a package of services which may include:

  • Acquiring necessary documents for legal residence
  • Other necessary paperwork for driver’s licenses, car registration etc.
  • Organizing trips to help families get to know their new neighborhoods
  • Help with finding the perfect housing
  • Classes and training on the local culture and language

The comprehensiveness of our service is designed to make the process of beginning a new life into an enjoyable family adventure. 

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